Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top 3 tools to access the blocked Sites

Many of us are facing the problem of blocked websites and don’t know How to access the blockedsites, but there are various software’s/VPN’s that can be used to access the blocked sites. So this post will give you complete guidance about how to access the Blocked sites using the Software’s, Proxies, VPN’s etc
Below is the list of tools that can be used to access the blocked websites:

           1. Proxy Websites:

There are many websites through which we can use the IP Proxies in order to access the blockedwebsites. List of few are:
  • Free Web Proxy
  • Proxy sites list
  • Gold proxy list
  • Proxy List forall
  • All proxy sites
Note: In order to use the proxy in web browser see How to manually Configure Proxy Address and Port to use free Internet on PC

            2. Proxy Tool for Desktop:

There are many proxy tools that can be used on the system desktop to access the sites that areblocked by your office/school/university etc., but the speed of these proxy tools is little less as compared to IP Proxies and VPN’s.
List of some are:
  • Ultrasurf
  • Tor
  • Your Freedom
  • Freegate
  • Gpass
  • HTTP-Tunnel

           3. VPN’s:

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is the network that works fine in any type of configuration provided; also the speed of VPN is quite good. These are list of VPN’s that work fine with your system.
  • Hotspot Sheild
  • SecurityKiss.
  • ProXPN
  • Private Tunnel
These are some of the few Software and IP Proxies
tricks which will definitely help you to access the blocked site.